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Base Rate Automation Overview
Base Rate Automation Overview
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Base Rate Automation is a key Moovs pricing feature and allows you to publish pricing to your Booking Contact when they make an inquiry through your Booking Tool.

The Enable Base Rate Automation toggle is located in the Pricing section for each vehicle that is created in your Moovs account.

If toggled to the On position the Booking Tool will present a rate to your customer based on how you have built your vehicle rates (including the build out of zones, milage based rates, your minimum transfer rate and hourly rates) as part of their reservation journey. When all information is submitted the customer receives a Reservation Confirmation email and you see their reservation in your Reservations section.

If the Base Rate Automation is toggled off a price will not be shown to your Booking Contact when they are selecting the vehicle they would like to make a reservation for. This changes their customer journey to a Quote request; as they click Choose this vehicle to proceed with their request and get pricing and availability information from you, instead of adding payment information to make a reservation.

Your administrative staff can also benefit from Base Rate Automation being enabled when they take reservations, as a calculated price is suggested to them when the vehicle is selected as they move down the Create Reservation form.

They can view this calculated price by hovering the cursor over the green bolt with arrows in the pricing field, and clicking it will add it as a Base Rate. Of course, the calculated Base Rate can be changed by clicking in the field to edit the value at any given time.

Quick Steps

To add a new vehicle - from Home screen click Vehicles - Add Vehicle - Complete vehicle information and pricing.

To edit an existing vehicle - from Home screen click Vehicles - select the vehicle to be edited - scroll to the Pricing section.

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