Cancellation Policy
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A Cancellation Policy is an important item to build out your settings, as well as to protect your business and communicate with your clients.

Moovs Cancellation Policy builder has three different levels - Flexible, Moderate and Strict. This allows operators with a diverse fleet of vehicles to use these options for their fleet, as the same cancellation policy for an Executive SUV may not apply to a 48 Passenger Charter Bus.

To get started click Settings and then Cancellation on the left menu bar, then Create Policy. From the drop down select the level of policy you would like to create based on the vehicles that you would like the policy to cover, for example the Flexible policy is typically used for SUVs and Sedans.

Moovs has three Refund Conditions built in - Full Refund, 50% Refund and 25% refund. To build a policy enter the Quantity of time that you (the operator) requires as notice to supply that level of refund and then select the time measurement (Days, Weeks or Hours) for that time.

For example if you need 24 hours notice prior to the time of reservation to supply your client with a full refund 24 is entered in to the Quantity field and Hours is selected in the Time drop down. If no other refund options are offered the toggle for 50% Refund and 25% Refund would be switched off.

Another example is if you need 1 Month notice for a Full Refund and then 2 Weeks notice for a 50% refund it would look like this:

In the above example 30 Days was entered to cover a 1 Month cancellation policy, 4 Weeks could have been selected also to cover a similar time period (28 Days) that is easy for your customers to navigate also.

Once your Cancellation policies have been built you are able to assign the vehicles to them so that Moovs know which policy to send to the client in their Reservation Confirmation email.

If vehicles have not been built in Moovs yet, the Policies can still be saved and added to the correct vehicle when the vehicle is created.

Quick Steps

Home Screen - Settings - Cancellation - Create Policy

Vehicle - Create Vehicle or select vehicle to edit - add vehicle information - Click Cancellation drop down to select the policy for that vehicle

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