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About Driver Platform App

Driver tracking, ETAs, ride reports, driver availability, accept/deny jobs

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Track your drivers' locations, get real-time ETAs to trip locations, ride reports to access arrival & departure times, and driver availability to increase scheduling efficiency.

Track your driver's locations and see ETA’s to all trip locations

Increase operating efficiency and customer satisfaction by tracking the geo-location of your drivers. The Moovs driver app enables you to optimize scheduling, provide customers with real-time eta, and adjust driver schedules based on local availability.

View all arrival and departure times for all past trips

Moovs driver app offers you unparalleled insights into your trip data and enables you to know precisely when your drivers arrived and departed locations.This information can be utilized to improve operational performance or shared with customers & affiliates to provide full transparency of trip times.

Fast & efficient driver scheduling

Improve scheduling by knowing when your drivers are available and optimize to prevent scheduling conflicts.

How to & Best Practices

Driver App

  • Upcoming Trips

    • Drivers can navigate to upcoming trips through the menu in the footer of their driver app. Here, they will be able to see all the upcoming trips that have been assigned to them so they can plan accordingly.

  • Accept/Deny Trips

    • Within the upcoming trips view, drivers will be able to see if a trip "Needs Action" - meaning it needs to be accepted or denied.

  • Complete Trip

    • When driver takes off from garage and is heading to the pick-up location, click 'Start Trip' to inform passenger and dispatch team that driver is On The Way!

    • Once driver arrives to pick-up location, click on 'I arrived at Pick-Up Location' to inform passenger and dispatch team driver is On Location!

    • When passengers are in the vehicle and driver is ready to head to stop 1, select the ‘Go to stop 1’ button to inform dispatch driver has Passengers on Board!

    • Driver will continue this flow throughout the trip journey until they arrive to the drop-off location. Once passengers are dropped off, click 'I arrived to Drop-Off Location' to inform the dispatch team that trip is done!

    • When driver arrives back to garage, click 'End Trip' and complete the close trip process.

      • Total Drive Time will be calculated based on when driver 'Starts Trip' and 'Ends Trip'

    • Each of these steps are crucial for the best customer experience and for the dispatch team to be informed of ETA's to each location!

Driver App Training

Driver Tracking

Navigate to the driver tracking page to view your driver's location in real-time, including ETA updates.

Driver Availability

Drivers can enter times that they are unavailable in the driver app through the menu button on the footer. These will be displayed to the operator to help with scheduling.

Ride Report

Use the ride report to check the arrival and departure times of your drivers. You can navigate to the ride report by opening up the dispatch log and clicking on the ride report tab.


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What's Coming

  • Ability for drivers to view earnings on driver app

  • Ability for drivers to update their availability for future dates on calendar in driver app

  • Ability to view GPS coordinates on Ride Report

  • As directed on the driver app

  • Upvote features you'd like to see here

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