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Sending Confirmation Emails
Sending Confirmation Emails
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Confirmation communication can happen in various ways within Moovs, and it depends on how a reservation is made.

If you, the operator, are entering the reservation through Moovs you are able to click Save reservation & send email when the reservation has been built. This sends the reservation confirmation to the Booking Contact's email and saves the reservation to your system.

By clicking Save reservation no confirmation email is sent to the Booking Contact, but from within the reservation you are able to click Send Reservation on menu bar.

If your booking contact (and/or passenger) would like to receive the confirmation as a text message the Reservation Link can be copied from the View More option in the menu bar.

And then pasted into a text message by clicking Chat in the top right corner of the screen and searching for the contact who needs to receive the confirmation link. Of course the message can be customized however you need to.

Sending the link isn't limited to within Moovs text messages either. If you have multiple booking contacts, you can paste this link in an email and customize your email. Use this same technique for sending Quotes to multiple contacts or a text message with a link to the quote, too.

It is also important to note that when a reservation is made through the booking tool that the booking contact does get a confirmation email once they click the Reserve button to submit and confirm the details of their reservation.

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