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Adding a Driver to Moovs
Adding a Driver to Moovs
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Adding a driver to the reservation is an essential step for your dispatch or reservation management team on a number of levels.

Let's build a driver profile . There are lots of fields in the Driver profile. However, only the driver’s first name and cell phone number are required. The rest of the profile depends on how much driver information you would like stored in the contact.

Now, to assign the Driver to the Trip:

Once a Driver is selected from the Dispatch block in the reservation a text message to the Driver is sent requesting them to Accept or Decline the trip and review the details of the reservation. This happens in both the Driver URL and the Driver App.

When the trip is accepted the Moovs operator screen is updated and the automated messages that are selected in your Communication Settings are activated sending out reminders to your Driver, as well as adding the Driver's name to the communication with the passenger.

Regardless of the size of your operation, adding your driver team to Moovs and assigning the trips to your driver is a key reservation management step.

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