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Setting up GNet with Moovs
Setting up GNet with Moovs

This will show you how to add your GNET Id to Moovs so that you can receive farm-ins from Operators who use Gridd Net

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Once you've completed the GNet registration or if you are switching over from another software you are just one step away from integrating the two softwares. To add your GNet Id to Moovs just watch the short video below or you can follow the steps.

Go to the Contacts Page and then click Affiliates

Then click the "..." button and then click Manage Gnet Id

Input your GNet Id from your Gridd Net profile and click Save

Congratulations! You are now set-up to receive rides from Gridd Net.

Note: You will need to establish a partnership with the Affiliate in GNET before they can send you rides.

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