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How do I process a refund?
How do I process a refund?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Processing a refund is a very simple process, and must be done from within the reservation.

First find the reservation that needs to have a refund applied, and click in to it. Click Edit Trip and change to the Money tab. The Money tab lists all transactions that are associated with the trip. The vertical ellipsis (...) on the right of the transaction block expands to a menu and here lies the Refund option.

Click Refund and complete the Refund Amount (required field) and Note (optional field). Clicking Refund applies the refund to the transaction and builds the Refund Block as part of your Payments summary for the reservation. There are two classifications within the Refund Block - Partial Refund or Full Refund.

Refunds take 5-10 business days to be complete, and can only happen on the same method of payment that was used on the transaction (ie a cash refund cannot happen for a credit card payment).

If a reservation has multiple transactions (for example a deposit and a final payment) a refund may need to be issued for each corresponding transaction to fully refund the trip.
Refunds cannot be for a value higher than the corresponding payment.

Is the initial transaction processing fee refunded when I issue a refund?

No, the original transaction fee is not refunded when a transaction is refunded.

Are other fees charged when I process a refund?

No, there is not a processing fee to issue a refund.

Quick Steps

Reservations - Edit Trip - Money tab - payment's menu - enter the refund value - click Refund

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