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How do I create an invoice?
How do I create an invoice?

Creating and sending an invoice

Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

To create an invoice in Moovs a few things must have happened. Firstly the trip has happened, or is happening the same day that you want to create the invoice for, and all Trips in the reservation must be Closed. The reservation must also have an amount due to be paid.

To create an invoice click on the Invoices menu option in the left menu bar, then click Create Invoice. In the search bar enter the name of the contact you are creating the invoice for. Moovs will populate a list of closed reservations, with an amount due for that contact that are not attached to an invoice already. Select the reservations you wish to add to the invoice by checking the box.
You can add in notes to the booking contact and adjust the due date as needed, prior to clicking Save Invoice.

The invoice has now been created and sorted based on the due date that you entered and is in the Outstanding or Pending tab. But the invoice has not yet been sent to the contact.
Clicking back in to the invoice will allow you to perform a variety of actions, one is to send the invoice from within Moovs to the email address on file for that contact. You can also Download the invoice as a PDF to send as an attachment external to Moovs.

When the due date entered when creating the invoice has passed and the invoice remains as unpaid the invoice will move from the Pending tab to the Outstanding tab.

Reasons you may not be able to create an invoice:

The reservation contains multiple trips and not all of them have been closed.

You may be trying to create an invoice outside of a reservation, or prior to making a reservation.

Reasons you cannot see reservations to invoice:

The reservation may be on an existing invoice. The existing invoice will need to be deleted to allow for the reservations to be added to a new invoice; Moovs prevents reservations from appearing on multiple invoices.

The reservation or one of its trips is not closed. All trips that are part of a reservation must be closed for the reservation (and all of its trips) to have an invoice created.

Quick Steps

Reservation - Close

Invoice - Create Invoice - Search for name and select reservations - Save Invoice

Pending/Outstanding - select invoice - Menu (...) - Send Invoice

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