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How do I Embed the Moovs Booking Tool on my Website?
How do I Embed the Moovs Booking Tool on my Website?
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Currently, Moovs does not support the ability to embed the Moovs booking tool. This is something we are looking into building out, but we are unable to provide a date on when this feature will be available.

Is there an alternative option?

In place of an embed code, you could utilize what is known as an iframe. An inline frame (iframe) is HTML that loads another HTML page within. It essentially puts another webpage within the parent page. If you have seen another Moovs user’s website with the Booking Tool embedded, what you saw was an iframe.

How do I set up an iframe on my website?

You can find how-tos, support, and iframe code generators online. Alternatively, you can hire a website developer to help design and implement one for you.

Can someone from Moovs help me set up an iframe on my website?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support on building out or implementing an iframe code onto your website.

Similarly, we cannot troubleshoot any issues that may arise from using an iframe, as the Moovs Booking Tool was not designed to support iframe usage.

Are there any issues with embedding the Booking Tool through iframe?

There are critical issues for users on Safari. Safari does not allow the 3rd party cookies required for customers to log in to and book through the booking tool; therefore, we would encourage you to avoid using an iframe.

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