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What do my customers see when using Moovs to make a reservation and beyond?
What do my customers see when using Moovs to make a reservation and beyond?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Your customers' experience is at the forefront of all Moovs features and workflows. You maybe be familiar with how your customers make reservations through your booking tool, but let's review that first.

After adding the essential items of Trip Type, Dates and Times etc, the customer is able to review the vehicles that are available. In this example the customer is being shown vehicles with a price to make a reservation, as well as see vehicles that do not have a price - this is the Request a Quote journey.

This also shows the email confirmation that is sent to the Booking Contact when the reservation has been completed. The Booking Contact is able to click in to the reservation and see their reservation review page.

On the Reservation Review page the Booking Contact can make an assortment of changes by editing the Passenger field, clicking Request a change for date and time changes or they can look at their bill and pay by clicking View Price Summary.

Once a customer is added to your contacts list, by either creating a quote request or reservation with you, an account is created for them which houses their reservation history and saved payment options.

They can access their account by visiting your Booking Tool and clicking Log In. The system will send the contact a single-use passcode to the mobile phone number that is linked to their account to allow them access.

The customer look up also happens when a returning customer tries to make a reservation with the Booking Tool prior to logging in. This allows Moovs to utilized already captured customer information and make for a friendly customer experience.

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