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What communication do my customers experience during a trip?
What communication do my customers experience during a trip?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Moovs has some industry leading automated communication options built in. These can be adjusted through the Settings - Communication options by using the toggles to design the communication experience for your customers.

It is from the Moovs issued telephone number that the text messages are sent, and not any other number listed in your Operator account.

Once a reservation has been made the Booking Contact is sent an email to confirm the reservation. The next automated communication comes in the form of reminders that are sent 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the reserved time of the service, again to the Booking Contact.

The first communication that the Passenger receives, unless the Passenger is also the Booking contact, is a text message stating that their driver is on the way to the Pick-up location.

From here the passenger is able to click the link, to view the details, status and exact location of the driver (click View Map), as well as send a text message or call by clicking the icons next to the Driver's name.

When the driver is on location another text message is sent to the passenger.

And then when the trip is over a thank you message is sent to the passenger.

Allowing drivers to easily communicate with passengers, and for passengers to know the real-time location of their driver is incredibly valuable to both parties and a very popular feature with all Moovs operators.

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