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Reservation Differences Booking Contact vs Passenger
Reservation Differences Booking Contact vs Passenger

Let's review the differences between a Booking Contact and a Passenger and how to manage those fields through a reservation.

Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

In most instances the person making a reservation will be the same person traveling or a member of the party that is traveling. Moovs defaults to using the Booking Contact in the Passenger field to make this reservation option easy and automated. But what if someone is making a reservation for another person?

Through the Booking Tool the Passenger information field can be edited on the Review & Reserve page by the booking customer. This is terrific for family members, personal assistants, travel agents or in any instance that one person is making ground transportation arrangements for others.

The Passenger's information is not added to the operator contact database but is stored as Temporary Passenger, linked only to that reservation.

A similar workflow is through the operator entering a reservation through the Operator App, this would be used if you, the operator, received a request by email, telephone call or text message.

The passenger options to select are:

Existing Contact - Use this option if the passenger has made a reservation with you previously and to search your contact database for the passenger contact information.

Temporary Passenger - Use this option if you do not want Moovs to save the contact information (potential use for this maybe high profile individuals). Temporary Passenger also allows for less information to be gathered for communication, asking for only the Passenger Name and Phone Number.

New Contact - Use this to create a new listing in your contact database for this passenger. This requires First and Last Names, a Telephone Number and an Email Address for the contact to be added.

The differentiation between the Booking Contact and Passenger roles becomes most obvious in the automated communication that Moovs sends. This can be reviewed in Communication Settings.

Booking Contact receives:

  • Reservation confirmation and cancelation notices via email

  • Payment updates to the reservation - ie a payment has been made - via email.

When the Passengers telephone number is entered the Temporary Passenger, Existing Contact and New Contact receive:

  • Driver status updates - The driver is on the way..., The driver is on location for pick up..., Thank you for riding with [company name]...

If the Booking contact would like to intercept and filter the communication from the operator to the passenger (perhaps for high profile clients, or travel agents), the Booking Contact's telephone number can be entered as the Passengers Telephone Number to have the status updates redirected.

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