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How to process and view invoice payments?
How to process and view invoice payments?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Once an invoice has been created and sent as an email to your contact for payment they are able to make a payment through Moovs.

When your contact clicks through the email they are taken to a payments page, similar to other payment links in Moovs.

Invoices that are paid by credit card will show in the Payments section in Settings, and will show the trips that are contained within the one payment, see Anthony's invoiced reservation below.

Of course Moovs allows other methods of payments to be used that are external to Moovs. To use these options navigate to the invoice that you are receiving payment for, and open it. Scroll to the bottom and click Charge Customer.

From the drop down menu of payment options select the method of payment that you are accepting for this invoice and click Charge.

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