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About Customer Reviews App
About Customer Reviews App

Send review links to increase your 5-star ratings on your preferred review platform and receive feedback from your customers.

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Increase 5-Star Reviews on Review Platform

Send trip review links on any trip to any customer. Customers will be asked to provide a rating 1 to 5 stars. If rating is between 1 and 4, they will be asked to leave feedback on why they gave that rating. If rating is a 5, they will automatically be directed to your preferred review platform to make the review public. Not only will you get more 5-star reviews on your preferred platform, but you will also receive feedback separately on how you can improve.


View All Customer Feedback in One Spot

After a customer submits a trip review through Moovs, you will receive an email and the reviews will be accessible in Moovs Market when opening up the Customer Reviews app. Here, you can view total reviews received, average rating and all reviews including feedback, rating, trip number and date received.

How to Find Review Platform Links


  1. Sign in to your Google Business Profile Manager

  2. On the top of the page, click on 'Ask for reviews' button

  3. Pop up will appear with 'Review link'

  4. Copy the Corporate ID part of the link that is unique to your business


  1. Go to your Facebook page

  2. Go to the reviews tab

  3. Copy the Corporate ID part of the URL link that is unique to your business (usually company name)


  1. Go to your Yelp page by searching the name of your company in the yelp search engine

  2. Click 'Write a review"

  3. Copy the Corporate ID part of the URL link that is unique to your business

How to Send Trip Review Links to Customers

  1. Open up trip in reservations that you would like to get reviewed

  2. Click on 'Links' button in the action bar

  3. Click on 'Trip Review' button

  4. Paste link in chat or email and send to customer



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