Authorizing Credit Cards

Verify credit cards by placing a small hold on them.

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You’ll now be able to authorize a credit card through a customer’s contact card in Moovs.

When authorizing, Moovs with place a $0.50 hold on your customer’s credit card. At the same time, Moovs will also check the credit card’s risk evaluation.

So when is the best time to authorize a credit card?

You should authorize whenever you have doubts about the validity of a credit card. By authorizing, Moovs confirms that the card in question is able to receive new charges while completing a risk evaluation.

Is the customer being charged when I authorize their credit card?

No. Authorizing the credit card only places a $0.50 hold, which will clear after 3-7 business days. This is done to ensure the credit card can receive new charges.

Full amount authorization may be released in a future update.

Will this protect me from chargebacks?

This feature will provide additional protection from fraudulent credit card use, which may prevent chargebacks related to fraud.

However, as a business owner, you are your best defense against fraudulent credit card use. The following are common signs that your customer is likely using stolen credit cards:

  • Common names with odd spellings and/or capitalization

  • Odd or fake looking emails address

    • If their email address looks like GTI#)!, we recommend you proceed cautiously.

  • Same or next-day bookings with large dollar amounts

  • Multiple last-minute bookings with large dollar amounts

  • Multiple credit cards added to their customer card in Moovs

  • Multiple failed transactions on different credit cards

Is the $0.50 hold applied to the customer's balance?

No. The hold placed through authorization will clear after 3-7 business days.

I have more questions.

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