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Moovs Payments' Risk Notifications
Moovs Payments' Risk Notifications
Written by Matthew Kenny
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Moovs Payments uses the world renowned Stripe processor for transaction processing and fraudulent payment method evaluation. Using hundreds of signals about each payment, and tapping into data across millions of businesses, Moovs Payments, through Stripe, is able to predict whether a payment and a method of payment is likely to be fraudulent.

Based on the information that is gathered through Stripe, Moovs Payments offers the following risk levels for each transaction.

High risk payments

Moovs Payments reports payments as high risk when we believe they’re likely to be fraudulent. Payments of this risk level are blocked by default.

Elevated risk payments

Elevated risk payments have an increased chance of being fraudulent. These payments are allowed.

Normal risk payments

Payments with a normal risk evaluation have fewer characteristics that are strongly indicative of fraud than payments with elevated or high risk levels.

It is possible that payments that have normal risk can still turn out to be fraudulent and there are other possible types of fraud that can occur later on in the order process.

Unknown risk payments

In unusual cases, an error may cause risk evaluation to fail. In this case, it is reported as having unknown risk.

Risk notices can be found by clicking in to the Reservation, then Edit Trip, then viewing the Money tab to view the payments made on the reservation.

Click on the vertical ellipsis (...) and then select View More or more information on that transaction and the risk level that has been given to it.

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