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In Moovs, what is the Dashboard?
In Moovs, what is the Dashboard?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

in Moovs the Dashboard is where you can find at-a-glance information and download extensive reports to assist with the management of your business.

To find the Dashboard click ... More to expand the Settings Menu or click Dashboard if it shows on the screen.

The first screen is Total Reservations. At a glance we can see the value-, the type-, the vehicles used- and payments breakdown of the reservations displayed as graphs.

Driver Payouts shows the amount due to the Drivers, again for the dates specified in the date selector.

Total Quotes is for all of your quote data.

And finally, Affiliate payouts details the amount due to affiliates for the in-Moovs Farming work that you have completed.

All of these data points are for the specified date range/time period that has been selected. This time period can change to allow you to extract the data that you need by selecting a custom date range or a quick option, for example your Driver Payout report might be for the 1st through the 15th of the month, instead of Last 30-Days.

Download Report is available from all Dashboard options (Total Reservations, Driver Payout, Total Quotes and Affiliate Payout) to allow you to sort the data the best way for your business with a few clicks within your favorite spreadsheet application (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, etc).

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