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When are my Moovs Payments transactions batched or settled?
When are my Moovs Payments transactions batched or settled?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Batching is the action of the business processing the authorized credit cards that were transacted that day (essential initiating the transfer of funds from the customers' bank or credit institution to the business's). This can be automated with some credit card processing services or a manual process for the business through their terminal or software.

Settling the batch also is a deciding factor of when the day ends for many businesses, and is often done when you are finished doing business for the day,

With Moovs Payments processing the batch is taken care of for you.

Your transactions are on a timeline, however. For credit cards that are processed prior to 4 PM PT, they are considered to be today's transactions. And credit cards that are processed after 4 PM PT, they will be grouped with tomorrow's transactions, and any other that happen after 4 PM PT.

Naturally Federal and Bank holidays, as well as weekends do affect this, and may push the payout (the deposit in to your account) by some days depending on your bank's processing timeline.

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