Zone Pricing Deep Dive

How to create Zones and optimize your pricing options

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Zone Pricing is an incredible way to create fixed rate prices between specific locations.

To find Zone Pricing in Moovs first click Settings, then Zone Pricing.

Creating Zone Locations
Zones can be as big as you would like or as small as a few miles across with the change of the type of zone you are creating - Moovs offers zones created by singular or multiple zip codes, and by defining an area by dropping a pin.

To create a Zip code based zone click in to Zone Pricing then Create. Name the zone however you would like to refer to it, and put in an address, suburb name or region you would like to define. Click the map to include the zip codes you would like to be part of that one zone, then click Create Zone.

Moovs will stitch together zip codes to build the zone if the zip codes are neighbors, or else the color coding of the zone will define the area for you too.

Let's create another Zone, this time using the location pin.

This zone was initially made using the zip code method, and you can see that the zip code that Burbank Airport uses also includes a large area of the surrounding neighborhood. This is a great reason to use the dropped pin to define a smaller area.

Simply by changing the tab at the top from Zip Code to Location resets the map and allows a pin to be placed and the capture area increased or decreased.

To create any type of zone the steps are:

Settings - Zone Pricing - Create - switch to Location from Zip Code if necessary, and click the map to select the zip codes or click - or + to define your zone area.

Adding Pricing to Zones
Now that at least two zones have been created it is now time to create the fixed rate for your fleet.

Operating from one zone - airports are a common example - click Routes to be taken to the blocks that are automatically built to connect that zone to all other zones. Click a Route block to show the vehicles in your fleet and enter the fixed rate for that vehicle to drive that route.

In this example you can see that the operator is pricing the Cadillac Escalade and the Lux SUV only for the routes that they want a fixed rate for. If a vehicle doesn't have a price, it is not part of the Zone Price lookup.

Zones are built, connected by routes, and the routes have a fixed rate.

What does your Booking Contact experience?

Most importantly, a flat rate between two popular locations.

Troubleshooting Zone Pricing and Common Questions

My test reservation is not giving me the correct pricing?

Check that your addresses are both within the created Zones.
Zone Pricing is very specific and both addresses need to be within defined zones in order for the zone price lookup to work correctly. If only one address is in the zone (an airport for example) but the other address is not, the price that will be shown is from your Transfer rates entered in your vehicle setup (mileage calculation).

I am not getting a price at all but instead the Booking Tool shows Request For Price where the price normally is.

Check that your Base Rate Automation toggle is set to the ON position.

Zone Pricing, just like Transfer (mileage based) and Hourly pricing only presents a price to the Booking Contact when Base Rate Automation is ON.

The reservation pick-up time could be within your Booking Tool's Reservation Cutoff Period. Check this in Settings - General - Booking Tool - Reservation Cutoff Period. If this is a test reservation, make the date and time outside of your Reservation Cut-off Period.

Does Zone Pricing work for Hourly Trips?

No. Zone Pricing is specific to one-way or round trip transfers only.

How does Moovs know to use Zone Pricing or Transfer Pricing (mileage based calculations)?

Moovs is smart and has a price look-up system (sometimes referred to as a hierarchy) so that the prices you want to charge are being presented to your customer.
First Moovs asks some questions: Are both of the addresses (pick-up and drop off) in any of the zones that have been created and are there prices added for the vehicles for those trips?
If the answer is Yes both are in zones and Yes the zones have been connected with a Route price for the vehicle to do the job and Base Rate Automation is toggled ON then that vehicle/those vehicles will be presented with a price on the booking tool or the Zone Pricing will be offered through the Operator app for you to select.

If the answer is Yes, both are in zones but no prices have been added, Moovs looks to your Transfer rates (Trip Rate per Mile and Deadhead Rate per Mile) to offer a price.

Remember, only the vehicles that have prices assigned in the Routes section of Zone Pricing will be able to be selected.

How do I identify which calculation or method is being used for the rates that I am seeing?

If you are creating the reservation through the operator app (see video below) the BRA Calculator (Base Rate Automation Calculator) is a tool for you to see how Moovs is calculating the price.

Moovs Transfer Rate calculations (mileage calculations) are based on a very specific distance between the pick-up and drop off locations. For this reason you are likely to see (as is the case with the rate calculated in the above video) your rate calculated to have values in the decimal places, whereas it is very likely that your Zone Pricing is rounded to be something like $185.00, instead of $187.62 for a Transfer/mileage rate calculation.

Do my Dynamic Pricing Rules work with Zone Pricing?

Yes. Dynamic pricing rules are based on dates and times so are automatically applied to the Zone Pricing.

For this reason it is important to use rates for standard, normal or usual trip scenarios when inputting your Zone Pricing rates, and allow the Dynamic Pricing to modify the price for the times and dates that you wish to increase or decrease from your standard rate.

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