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I'd Like to Request a Feature.
I'd Like to Request a Feature.

Have an idea to improve Moovs? Here's how to submit that feedback to us.

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Moovs makes it easy to submit feature requests directly to our product team. Start by logging into Moovs and click on the question mark icon on the lower right corner of the screen. From there, scroll down and select "Open Public Roadmap."

Our product roadmap feature allows you to see what our team is currently working on, what's coming soon (within the next few months) and what's planned for the future.

You can also upvote features using the heart icon. This lets our product team know which features are most important to our customers.

To submit a request, simply click on the blue "+" icon, type out your request and click submit. Your feature request will then be shared with our product team.

We look forward to receiving all the ways you'd like us to improve Moovs.

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