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What is the Booking Tool Reservation Cutoff Period?
What is the Booking Tool Reservation Cutoff Period?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

The Reservation Cutoff Period setting in the Booking Tool helps you define your customer journey and how you want to work with inquiries with short notice.

The default setting is that the cutoff period is set to 0 Hours. This can be changed to up to 23 hours or by the day up to 23 days to create a moving window in time of that period. The change in the Cutoff Period applies to all vehicles in your system to avoid inquiries with a pick-up time and/or date in that defined window are taken through the quote journey - not presented a price to reserve. Rather, they are given the option Request for Pricing when they are selecting their vehicle, and you still get the customer contact information to communicate with the customer and confirm availability.

Outside of that window of time, the customers are still presented with a price for your services, and able to complete the reservation form by adding their contact information and payment information.

If your Base Rate Automation if toggled to the Off position, this setting overrides the Cutoff Period setting and makes all inquiries be submitted as a Quote through the Booking Tool

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