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How do I set up Moovs Payments?
How do I set up Moovs Payments?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Moovs Payments is very easy to set up and should not require assistance of the Moovs Support team.

Once logged in to Moovs navigate to Settings, then the Payments tab.

Here you will be first asked to select your business type and click Complete Account Setup.

The Moovs Payments setup will ask questions about the structure of your business, percentage of ownership, address and phone number of the business, website, the EIN and Social Security Numbers of the owners. Completing the questionnaire will take around 10 minutes and then you will be taken back to the Payments tab.
Click Add Bank Account and add your routing and account number that you would like payouts to be deposited. More than one account can be added.

Once your account(s) have been added the Payments screen changes and shows the connected account and that the setup has been completed.

As you process payments summaries of those payouts will be visible on this page displaying the reservation number, booking contact and value of the trip.

Many operators new to Moovs like to test Moovs Payments by creating a reservation for themselves for a low value and processing it on their business card. The payout information will be shown here a few days after the transaction as Moovs Payments requires 2 days to process the transaction, however your financial institution may add additional time, or the payout date may be influenced by weekends or holidays.

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