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What Drives the Quote Journey?
What Drives the Quote Journey?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Moovs' Quotes workflows are incredibly impactful for many operators. Here you will learn more about what makes the Moovs Quotes different from Reservations and they can be used.

Moovs allows reservations as the primary workflow as we understand that is the end goal, more reservations. To convert that flow to allow for quotes we have some options.

Reservation Cut-off Period

In Settings - Booking Tool you are able to adjust the time of the Reservation Cutoff Period up to 23 days from increments in either hours or days, by doing this you are creating a constantly moving window of time that defines your 'late notice inquiries' window. This allows those inquiries that have a start time within that window to be hand managed as a Quote, able to decline them, or accept them and convert them to a Reservation.

Here is an example - The Reservation Cutoff Period is set for 6 Hours, your current time is 1:00 PM. A client visits your Booking Tool and inputs their Pick-up time as 5:30 PM (within the Cutoff Period). Moovs identifies that you need to hand manage all inquiries within this time and price is not presented on the Booking Tool, instead the contact is able to Choose this vehicle and request pricing.

The customer journey continues as a Quote through the booking tool, not needing to enter credit card information and not clicking a Reserve button, but rather just entering contact information and then finally clicking Send Request.

For you, the operator, you you receive the request in your Quote screen, with all details as completed by the client and the vehicle selected through the Booking Tool, but without a price.

The next step is for you to input the price of the requested service, and contact the customer via a telephone call or text message. Because this request falls within the Cut-off period, the Send Quote as an email and Sales Automation features are deactivated, and the Quote URL takes the customer to a page that does not have a price listed.

The conversion of the inquiry from a Quote to a Reservation is exclusively in the hands of the operator as the inquiry falls within the cutoff period.


The Reservation Cut-off Period setting is a great way to have last minute or late notice requests be submitted to you as a quote, for you to review, hand manage and manually convert to a reservation,

Base Rate Automation

The Base Rate Automation toggle is located on the Vehicles screen to setup or view all vehicles added to your fleet. The ability to customize the customer journey based vehicles is crucial as you may want to have Quotes received for your one-of-a kind-vehicle, however accept all reservations for other types of vehicles.

When you initially create the vehicle the Enable Base Rate Automation toggle needs to be in the Active/On position to save the rates that you have entered. Beyond that moment, however, the toggle can be turned off to drive the Quote journey for the vehicle.

By turning the toggle to the Off position your customer experience for this vehicle is quote based without exception or regards for dates or time.

The workflows for sending the Quote to the customer are slightly different than the time-based Quote journey. You receive the inquiry without a price, so that must be entered to proceed, however once the price is entered the Send Quote, Enroll Quote in Sales Automation, Make Reservation and Copy Quote Link are all live in the More menu.

The Quote must still be activated by sending an email first or enrolling in Sales Automation. After that you can use the Moovs Chat to send a quote link and custom text message to the contact for them to convert to a reservation.


The Base Rate Automation toggle, if off, drives a quote journey for that vehicle regardless of timing or dates. Your customer is able to review the Quote and convert the reservation themselves, and you can use the advanced features of Sales Automation, too.

Incomplete Rate Setup
The first time that you add a vehicle to your fleet you are required to add in a number of required fields, such as the Name, Capacity, and Features of the Vehicle.
As you work further down the vehicle setup page you are presented with Rate options: Transfer (Minimum Base Rate, Deadhead Rate per Mile and Trip Rate per Mile) and

Hourly (Hourly rate for weekends and weekdays, Minimum number of hours, Weekend Days) .

It is only when the vehicle is setup initially that the rates areas can be left empty.

By not having a rates and other details in these fields, no base rate can be calculated for your client's inquiry and therefor forces a Quote journey, allowing you to custom price your services.


It is important to complete the pricing elements on the Vehicle setup to allow for your customers to be given the Reservation journey.

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