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How do I Take a Deposit Payment?
How do I Take a Deposit Payment?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Deposits for reservations are common, let's look at how they happen in Moovs.

On the Reservation page click Charge to get to the the payments screen. By default the Charge Amount is set to the full value of the reservation (even if it is more than one trip). Use the toggle to allow Moovs to calculate a percentage, or change the value to be the deposit amount.

Select the method of payment from the Payment Method drop down (please not that any payment method that is not a credit card will not be processed through Moovs, but rather will purely record the payment).

Click charge to process the payment.

The Booking Contact will be notified of the payment being processed by email with a live link to their Price Summary where payments are logged at the bottom of the page. It is here that additional payments will also be displayed.

The deposit is automatically applied to the reservation, so it could be referred to as a partial payment.

When a reservation has multiple trips, it is recommended that the deposit is charged as a payment to one trip, and not to the entire reservation. Moovs splits the deposit over all trips that are contained within the reservation, as shown below.

In the event of a cancelation, with the deposit split over multiple trips, refunds will need to happen on each of those trips. However if the deposit is taken in one trip, it is only a single trip's price adjustment or refund that will need to be processed.


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