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How Do I Setup Gratuity?
How Do I Setup Gratuity?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Many operators want to allow their passengers to select the gratuity that their drivers receive. Others require a percentage to be added to the cost of their service and it is not a negotiable item for the passengers. This is how we setup those options.

Required Gratuity for All Reservations

When you are wanting to add a gratuity to all reservations at a specified amount this can be configured through your Pricing Preferences.

For the customer this percentage is calculated and added to the Review & Reserve screen on the Booking Tool as a line item to the Price Overview. The customer is able to continue making the reservation by completing the remaining fields.

If you were to create the reservation over the telephone or accept the details that were sent by email or text message, the process remains the same with the only difference being that the Gratuity line is added to the Pricing section at the percentage that is entered in the Settings. Just like all pricing e

Customer Selects the Gratuity

The other Gratuity option is that the customer selects the gratuity amount at the time of making a reservation. This is configured in the Booking Tool Settings.

The Gratuity selection can be toggled off, the suggested percentages customized and the ability to allow Cash and Custom Gratuity (percentages no less than the suggested percentages) turned on or off, too, for options.

For the customer using the Booking Tool, completing the gratuity section when they make a reservation is required. For that reason, Offer Cash Gratuity Option can be selected by your customers if they opt out of giving a gratuity, or want to wait until after the service has been completed to add a gratuity.

Additional Questions

Can the customer add a gratuity after the service?

Through the Customer Payment Link the customer is not able to revise the gratuity.

Through the Operator side of Moovs the gratuity is able to be edited at any time by your administration team by clicking Pricing from the Reservation page and making the edit. The recommendation is for your passenger to send a text message to the Moovs Chat number (this is the number that the passengers are receiving their status update text messages from) with any modification to the gratuity they would like to make.

Can both gratuity options be used together?

Both options can be on, yes. However, the Required Gratuity that is setup through your Settings-Preferences-Pricing Layout takes priority of the two options. Therefore if one is on, we recommend turning off the other option to eliminate any confusion and have a great customer workflow.

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