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How to use the Company Contact feature
How to use the Company Contact feature
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Managing corporate reservations is now a lot easier with an optimized Company listing in the Contacts section of Moovs. Within this area you are able to build a Company profile, assign multiple contacts to it, have payments be centralized through a Company and issue an invoice for payment also.

Building a Company profile

Company profiles are similar to that of contacts requiring basic information easily gathered over a telephone call or email (eg name and contact information). On the Company page you are able to link contacts directly, and add credit cards that will allow the correct method of payment to be selected.

Link contacts

By adding the contact profile to a Company Moovs will allow correct billing to happen and for the reservations to be contained within the Company listing. From within the Contact profile select the Company from the Company drop-down.

Contacts can be added from within the Company listing also by clicking Add Contact.

Company Reservations

Creating a reservation remains exactly the same, as a process, however with the contact connected to the Ccompany more information is contained with the Company listed on the reservation as well as the contact.

If the reservation is personal and not for the Company that is automatically populated, the reservation can be disassociated by clicking the trash icon next to the Company name on the reservation page.

Accepting Payments

Credit cards can still be charged for reservations that are linked to a Company, with both Contact owned cards and Company linked cards being listed as payment method options through the Charge button.

Additionally the workflow of closing the completed trips allows for an invoice to be created for multiple trips/reservations and the Company to be billed rather than individual contacts.

Additional Features

The Company name is listed on the Greeting Sign through the Driver App,

on the Dispatch screen reservation,

on the report for company reservations, downloadable Trip PDF and the Price Summary PDF.

Company names are also included in the search bar at the top of the Moovs homepages.

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