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How do I charge for Meet & Greet Services
How do I charge for Meet & Greet Services
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

If the driver is meeting your clients at the curbside or inside the airport, Moovs is able to assist in communicating that with your driver through the Driver App, with the passenger, and update pricing appropriately for the service.

First, the Meet & Greet feature needs to be added as a price item with a specified price. Since this is a pricing option, this will be done in the Preferences - Pricing Layout section in Settings.

With the Meet & Greet pricing option toggled to the ‘On’ position, when making reservations through the Booking Tool, your Booking Contact is presented with two pick-up options (Meet & Greet and Curbside) when confirming the reservation with the ‘Meet & Greet’ price item being applied when selected.

This is similar when you are entering the Reservation through the Operator App, and of course the price through the Operator App is able to be adjusted from the automatically populated Meet & Greet price.

With a reservation accepted, the Driver is notified of the Meet & Greet within the app - first when they Accept the trip, then when they select Start Trip and finally when they are moving between the statuses within the App.

The Passenger through their link is also reminded of the service type that was selected.

Your dispatch team have visibility throughout the Operator App on all screens that show details of the reservation.

Quick Steps

For setup from any Home screen go to Settings - General - Preferences - Pricing Layout - Add Pricing - toggle Meet & Greet to be ON

Frequently asked Questions

Why are my reservations showing without Meet & Greet?

  • Check that the Meet & Greet toggle is On and with a price entered.

  • Meet & Greet is applicable only when the Airport Pick-Up Toggle is selected by the administrative team through the Operator App or by the client through the Booking Tool. Check that the reservation workflow is correct.

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