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Setting up and Troubleshooting Custom Email Domain in GoDaddy
Setting up and Troubleshooting Custom Email Domain in GoDaddy
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes the DNS settings in GoDaddy are incorrectly entered and the Custom Email Domain needs to be updated to be verified in Moovs. Use this tutorial to double check that the settings have been added correctly.

It is easiest if you have one Chrome browser tab open and logged in to Moovs with the communications screen scrolled all the way to the bottom showing your Custom Email Domain settings.

And another tab open and logged in to GoDaddy with your DNS screen open. You are able to edit the existing DNS records or delete the incorrect records and enter them again.

The records can be copied from the Moovs Communication screen and pasted in to the corresponding field in GoDaddy.

All Moovs Host elements are copied and pasted without the (this is your custom domain) in to the Name field in GoDaddy.

All Moovs Points To elements are pasted without edits in to the Value fields in GoDaddy.

And for each of the entries CNAME is selected from the GoDaddy Type dropdown.

Once the records have been entered correctly, or edited to reflect the example above click Save All Records in GoDaddy.

If you have added new DNS records in to GoDaddy but you have previously had them added incorrectly, it is vital to find and delete the incorrect records.

Refresh your Moovs Communications screen then click the box next to I've added these records, and click Verify. It can take up to 48 hours for the settings to be finalized between the two systems, however with successful verification your Moovs account is now able to send from your company's email account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

โ€‹I have an email address that looks like, but it is not allowing for the settings to be saved.

This is correct, you must have a custom email address with your domain registrar in order for this setting to be enabled. You are able to purchase it from GoDaddy (or wherever you purchased your website domain from, another common place is Google).

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