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Making and Editing Hourly Reservations
Making and Editing Hourly Reservations

Hourly Reservations, update reservation times, change the hours on an hourly trip

Written by Matthew Kenny
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Hourly reservations are for those clients who need your vehicle and driver for a set period of time, with stops and wait time all built into the pricing. Some examples are sporting events, concerts, night outs, and weddings, where the driver waits at the venue for the passengers to be finished with their event.

Making a reservation

For the operator is similar to how the client does through the Booking Tool. In the example below additional stops are being added with notes and arrival times, but not charged for as it is part of the hourly pricing.

The essential item that is unique to the Hourly reservations is that it has an end time at the Drop Off address. A One-Way reservation will convert to an Hourly reservation with this simple added detail to the reservation.

Updating the time of the reservation

If a reservation needs to be edited it is likely that happens in the timing and/or the pricing of the reservation.

Using the Edit icon next to the Drop Off location you are able to modify the duration of the reservation. The Price still needs to be updated.

Updating the price of the hourly reservation

Clicking Price in the action bar at the top of the reservation will allow you to update the price top be a custom hourly amount.

Alternatively, use Base Rate Automation by clicking the circle of arrows and your vehicle pricing will be updated based on the Hourly vehicle pricing you have entered for the vehicle.

Please be sure to use the in-Moovs Support Chat feature to initiate a conversation if you have additional questions or need more guidance.

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