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Moovs Assistant Farm-in Help Document
Moovs Assistant Farm-in Help Document

This document will guide you through the feature, limitations, and procedures of Moovs Assistant Farm-in.

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The Moovs Assistant Farm-in feature aims to assist users who work with affiliates outside of Moovs and not using GNet. It automates the reservation creation process by generating farm-in reservations when the Moovs operator receives an email with an affiliate trip sheet attached. By automating this process, Moovs Assistant Farm-in saves time and enhances reservation accuracy, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Key Benefits:

  • Time-saving: Eliminates manual input of farm-in reservations, saving valuable time.

  • Improved accuracy: Reduces the risk of errors during manual data entry.

  • Streamlined workflow: Integrates reservations from external affiliates seamlessly into the Moovs system.

  • Trip Quality: Categorizes reservations as farm-ins to improve communications with affiliates and passengers.

Feature Limitations:

  • Compatibility with limited software: Moovs Assistant Farm-in currently works with LimoAnywhere and SantaCruz software platforms. Additional software integrations will be added in future updates.

  • No cancellations or trip updates: The feature supports reservation creation only. Manual handling is required for cancellations or trip updates.

Getting Started

  1. Send unique affiliate email address to your affiliates not using Moovs:

    • Inform your affiliates about implementing Moovs Assistant Farm-in to streamline reservation creation.

    • Provide them with the unique email address format: [company name]

    • Replace [company name] with your Moovs operator's name or identifier.

    • Example: If your Moovs company name is Best Limo, the email address would be

  2. Wait for your first farm request powered by Moovs Assistant:

    • After providing the unique affiliate email address, wait for the first farm request.

    • Moovs Assistant will automatically create a farm-in reservation based on the attached trip sheet received via email.

  3. Accept or deny the request:

    • Review the created farm-in reservation and decide to accept or deny the request.

    • Denying a request removes the trip from the system and notifies the affiliate.

    • Accepting a request moves the reservation to the accepted state and notifies the affiliate.

Regularly check for new farm requests, promptly review them, and take appropriate action to maintain effective communication and ensure accurate reservation processing.

Known Issues and Workarounds

No trip updates: Moovs Assistant Farm-in currently does not support trip updates. For any updates required, affiliates should reach out separately to communicate the changes, and Moovs users must manually edit the trip in the Moovs system. Trip update functionality is planned for future updates.

No cancellations or trip deletions: Moovs Assistant Farm-in does not support trip cancellations or deletions. Affiliates should inform you separately about cancellations, and you need to contact the Moovs chat or support team to complete the cancellation or deletion in the backend. This functionality will be added soon.

Limited software compatibility: Moovs Assistant Farm-in currently works with LimoAnywhere and SantaCruz software platforms. Compatibility with additional software will be gradually expanded over time.

Support and Communication

For immediate support or assistance, reach out to Moovs Chat. Our dedicated support team will promptly address your issues.

For feature requests, bug reports, questions, or feedback related to Moovs Assistant Farm-in, contact:


As part of the beta program, we will conduct bi-weekly check-ins to gather feedback and insights about your experience with Moovs Assistant Farm-in. These check-ins help us understand the program's progress and address any concerns or issues.

During the check-ins, please provide feedback on the features, suggest improvements, and report any bugs or technical issues you encounter. Your feedback is essential in refining the feature and delivering a high-quality solution.

Thank you for participating in the Moovs Assistant Farm-in beta program. We appreciate your feedback and contributions in shaping the future of this feature.

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