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How do I create and use an External Affiliate?
How do I create and use an External Affiliate?
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

External Affiliates are used when farmed rides are being received by you from an operator who does not use the Moovs platform, or when you are sending trips to an operator outside of the Moovs network.

How to create an External Affiliate

From your Contacts, which defaults to individuals, click the Affiliates tab, then Create Affiliate.

Complete as much information about the affiliate that you can to build their profile.

The lower portion of the affiliate profile will allow you to add in the affiliate driver team and vehicles in the Affiliate's fleet.
First, the Drivers are added through Settings > Drivers to create the initial driver profile just like when you added your driver team. And then the driver is linked to the Affiliate profile by selecting them from the dropdown in the Create Affiliate

Similarly, the Vehicle is added to your list, then assigned to the Affiliate to allow management of it as an affiliate vehicle and not your own. The vehicle could be a specific vehicle, or a classification vehicle.

Both the Driver and Vehicle is not essential to creating and successfully using External Affiliates, but does make the farming process more seamless.

If you have knowledge of the Affiliate's Driver team (name and telephone number) and Vehicles available it may be easier to have them added prior to creating the Affiliate business profile.

How do I use the External Affiliate?

With an External Affiliate now created you are able to use the normal farming processes within Moovs to send jobs to that affiliate.

What communication does the External Affiliate receive?

Your farming partner will receive a click-through email with details of the farm.

Once the View Farm Request is clicked the affiliate is taken to a page with all of the details that can be manually added to their reservation management system.

Additional information may still be needed to be communicated to you from your External Affiliate, an example is the Driver name and telephone number which will need to be added to your Moovs account and linked to their Affiliate profile. The Driver will get reminders and notifications from you and should use the Moovs Driver app to manage the statuses of the reservation.

By the External Affiliate Driver using the Moovs Driver App messages will not come from the External Affiliate, but rather will have your company name on them even though sent from the Driver who is representing your business.

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