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Creating Shuttle Reservations in Moovs
Creating Shuttle Reservations in Moovs

Create your trips for the Moovs Shuttle App.

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Whether you're organizing daily commutes or planning special events, setting up shuttle reservations in the Moovs app is straightforward. Follow this guide to get started.

1. Starting Your Reservation

Accessing the 'Reservations' Section

  • Launch the Moovs app.

  • From the main dashboard, choose the "Reservations" tab.

2. Setting Up Your Shuttle

Selecting the Shuttle Type

  • As you begin creating a new reservation, you'll be prompted to choose a "Shuttle Type." Options might include:

    • Transfer

    • Pick-up and Return options

Filling in Trip Details

  • Set the desired Pick-up Date & Time.

  • Specify the Pick-up Location, for example, "Powell BART station, Powell Street, San Francisco, CA, USA."

  • If needed, you can Add Additional Stops.

  • Determine the Drop-off Location, such as "Google San Francisco - 345 Spear st, Spear Street, San Francisco."

  • Set the Drop-off Date & Time.

Providing Additional Information

  • Add any Trip Notes that can give drivers or passengers extra context about the trip. This might include details about venues, parking, or specific requests.

  • If you have a designated vehicle or driver in mind, you can specify that in the vehicle section.

3. Confirming and Managing Your Reservation

Reviewing Trip Costs

  • The app will provide a Base Rate or total estimated cost for the reservation.

Adding Passengers and Comments

  • Under the "Passenger" section, input passenger details like name and contact information.

  • The Internal Comments section allows for notes visible to your team but not to passengers.

Saving and Duplicating Reservations

  • Once you've filled out all necessary details, save your reservation.

  • If you have recurring trips or need to duplicate a reservation for different dates, use the "Duplicate Reservation" feature.

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