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Navigating the App - Customer Profiles
Navigating the App - Customer Profiles
Written by Matthew Kenny
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The Profile Page within the Moovs white label passenger app serves as your contacts' personal contact information control center. This is where they can fine-tune their contact methods, securely manage your payment methods, set trip preferences, and provide personal notes that help ensure your trips run smoothly. Let's dive into the functionalities offered by the Profile Page:

1. Contact Methods

Managing contact methods is essential for seamless communication with Moovs. Here's what you can do in this section:

  • Email Address: Verify and update the contact's primary email address, ensuring that they receive important notifications, confirmations, and updates about their trips.

  • Phone Number: Manage their phone number, which is used for confirming reservations, receiving trip updates, and ensuring direct communication with drivers and your dispatch or operations team.

2. Payment Methods

Contacts' payment methods are securely stored for hassle-free transactions and fare payments. In this section, contacts can:

  • Add New Card: Easily add new credit cards or digital wallet information for convenient and secure payments.

  • Manage Existing Cards: Review and update their saved payment methods, ensuring they are up-to-date and accurate.

3. Personal Notes

Adding personal notes to their profile can be invaluable for successful trips. In the profile section of the Moovs Passenger App they can:

  • Provide Special Instructions: Share any unique instructions or specific details that drivers need to know to enhance their travel experience.

  • Preferences: Specify any recurring preferences that are essential to their trips, from route choices to preferred pickup locations.

The Profile Page is the dedicated space for personalizing your contacts'travel experience.


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