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How do I create a Promo Code?
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Promo Codes

Operators can create, update, and gain insights into promo codes for customers to use in the Customer Portal.

You would need to go to Settings > Customer Portal > Promo Codes Tab

Promo codes can be added by operators in the same fashion as all other pricing items when creating or updating any reservations or quotes.

In the Customer Portal, there is a new field for customers to enter promo codes when reserving a trip or confirming a quote sent by operators.

Editing Promo Codes

If you need to fine-tune your Promo Code Settings, you can go to Settings>Customer Portal>Promo Codes and select the code that you want to edit.

Feature Limitations:

Promo codes can’t be renamed

The booking contact limit (and total limit) is a lifetime limit per promo code.

The count for each one is never reset/refreshed, but the operator can update (increase/decrease) the limits for each one if they want

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