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Moovs Vehicle Widget
Fraud Prevention
What do my customers see when using Moovs to make a reservation and beyond?
In Moovs, what is the Dashboard?
What emails are my customers receiving?
I'd Like to Request a Feature.
Moovs Vehicle Setup and Pricing Terminology
How Do I Setup Gratuity?
How do I refer other operators to Moovs?
Creating a Reservation
Where should I put notes for the Driver?
What Drives the Quote Journey?
About Google Calendar Integration
Setting up GNet with Moovs
About Customer Reviews App
What are Dispatch Alerts?
Making and Editing Hourly Reservations
Reset Password
How to process and view invoice payments?
What is the Booking Tool Reservation Cutoff Period?
Processing Driver Payroll in Moovs
Reservation Differences Booking Contact vs Passenger
Canceling/Reopening a Reservation
What communication do my customers experience in a quote being submitted?
Adding a Driver to Moovs
What communication do my customers experience during a trip?
Adding Additional Members to your Moovs Account
How do I create an invoice?
Hiding Vehicles on the Booking Tool
Customizing the Dispatch List View Page
Updating a Booking Contact’s Information
About Driver Platform App
Assigning a Driver to a Reservation
Base Rate Automation Overview
Quote Automation
Deadhead, Deadhead Rate Per Mile, and Total Deadhead Duration Overview
How do I Take a Deposit Payment?
How to use the Company Contact feature
How do I charge for Meet & Greet Services
Can I Pause My Subscription? Exploring Flexibility and Alternatives