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HMDA Market Share

View your market share from previous years' HMDA data

Written by Bernard Nossuli
Updated over a week ago

To begin, click on the HMDA market share reports tile from our dashboard.

This will take you to a map and will prompt you with a pop-up window.

As an example, we will name the layer "Wells Fargo 2021 Purchase Loans." Selecting the data year, we choose 2021.

Next, we input "Wells Fargo" as the lender and select the category "purchase." For the segment group, we choose "basic" as we want to view the overall market share.

Under segments, we select "total" to view the total purchase loans. The location type is set to census tract, and we select the San Francisco market.

After saving the settings, the map displays the San Francisco market by census tract.

Zooming in, we can see the census tracts shaded in blue, dark blue, red, and orange. The dark blue tracts represent areas where Wells Fargo originated either no loans or very few loans, while the red and orange tracts indicate higher loan origination by Wells Fargo in 2021.

Clicking on a specific census tract will reveal the number of loans originated by Wells Fargo in that area. For example, in Alameda County, Wells Fargo originated 48 loans in one census tract, 31 loans in the neighboring tract, and 10 loans in another nearby tract. However, there were no loans originated in the tract to the north.

This tile allows us to visually assess where a lender is originating loans in a specific market based on the selected criteria, such as purchase loans in 2021. It helps identify any gaps in coverage or areas where the lender is not active.

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