You can do this in 2 different ways: You can either Import from Google Classrooms or Share a Classroom URL with them.

*Note: To import from Google classrooms, follow directions in this article: Using Mosa Mack with Google

Share a Classroom URL:

Step 1: On the Mosa Mack home page, go to “My Classrooms”, click the "Action" button and select “Add New Classroom” 

Step 2: Enter the class name, description and select the units you’d like
to assign to your students. (You’ll be able to add/remove units at any time.) Press Save.

Step 3: Invite Students.

  • To share a classroom URL with students, follow directions below:

A. Click the “Copy Sharing URL.” Once you see a checkmark, the URL has successfully copied.

B. Share this link with your students either through google classrooms or a class email. You can paste the Sharing URL by right clicking and selecting "paste" in the email.

Step 4: Students Log In.

When students click on this link the students can log in 2 different ways. 

  • They can use "Sign in with Google" and will be automatically entered into your classroom.

  • They can input their name and email. They will create their password and will be automatically entered into your classroom.

If at any time you need to change, or adjust a student's email or password, click the "Class List" button or click the "Action" button and select "All Students".

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