Step 1: On the Mosa Mack home page, select “My Classrooms” then “Add New Classroom”

Step 2: Enter the class name, description and select the units you’d like
to assign to your students. (You’ll be able to add/remove units at any time.) Press Save.

Step 3: Click the “Copy Sharing URL.” Once you see a checkmark, the URL has successfully copied.

Step 4: Share this link with your students either through google classrooms or a class email. You can paste the Sharing URL by right clicking and selecting "paste" in the email.

Step 5. When students click on this link, they will input their name and email. They will create their password and will be automatically entered into your classroom.

If at any time you need to change, or adjust a student's email or password, select "All Students"

Video on Creating Classrooms and Inviting Students:

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