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Making and Assigning A Test
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Create your own custom tests for each unit.

Create the Test

Step 1: From any unit, click 'Create New Test'

Step 2: Name your test and select your question from the question bank.

Step 3: Add test questions from the test bank to your test.

Step 4: Click “Save and Close” 

Q: Can I add my own questions?
A: Yes! Add your own question at any time by selecting "Add your own question" button. Once you've created this question, it will remain in your question bank.

Assign The Test

  1. Click the arrow to assign it to your desired class. Tip: Your students must have access to the specific unit for which the test was created. So if you created a test for Food Webs, make sure your class  has access to the Food Webs unit. 

  2. When students log on next, they'll automatically see a "Start Test" button. Once they complete the test, it will be graded automatically. You can see their scores in your Classrooms page by selecting “Student Work”


Q: My students can't see the test.
A: Go to 'My Classrooms" and select "Settings." Be sure the box "Hide Test" is not checked.

Q: My students still can't see the test even though the box "Hide Test" is not checked.

A: Go to your 'Library' and select the unit assigned to your class. Then on the left side bar, select 'Classrooms' and assign the test to your class by clicking the red "+" button.

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