How do I grade work?

How to Grade Episode Questions, Exit Ticket Questions, Handouts and Tests

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After students submit work, you'll see a yellow button appear on your Classrooms page that says "Grade New Work." Click to see a dropdown of the assignments that need to be graded.

**To filter grading new work by classroom, click the 'Student Work' button and click the 'Grade New Work' button from there.


To filter by student, click the arrow on 'All Students' and to filter by unit, click the arrow 'All Units' (top right corner)

For each question, you can choose to assign full credit (check mark), no credit (0) or 1/2 credit. You can then leave feedback for the student if you choose. You may also choose to give the same grade to everyone by clicking the grade on the top header.

When the student returns to the assessment, they will see their final grade and your feedback.

To see graded work, go to My Classrooms and click on the "Student Work" button.

Learn more about Student Work.

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