We're excited to provide tons of updates for remote learning! They include:

Viewing Labs Digitally

Lab activities are being converted to fun videos that allow students to engage with the lab and collect data digitally.

Entering All Work Digitally

In addition to Lesson 1 being fully digital, students can now collect data, graph and submit work online for digital grading. (see the full list below; updated weekly)


You'll see notes in the educator guides, indicating how to use the lesson either in person or online.

For example:

Assign Remote Work to a Whole Class or Select Students

When assigned remote classroom activities, students see directions for remote use only and instructions for in-class use are hidden. Conversely, if a student is not assigned remote activities, they are shown instructions for in-class use only and all videos for remote use will be hidden.

Go Remote for your Whole Class: Adjust this in your settings (My Classrooms --> Settings) by selecting "Remote Classroom Activities."

Assign Remote use for Select Students: Go to the unit page, click the green "Assign" button in top right corner.

  1. Click the "Show Virtual Components" toggle.

  2. Select the students you'd like to see the activities for remote use.

  3. Press "Done"

View In-Person and Remote Directions

In your Unit Overview, you can now view In-Person or Remote Learning Directions to your students. This will also give you a view of what your students see when you assign the unit/s for In-Person or Remote Learning.

For more on using Mosa Mack for remote learning, view our recorded webinar: "Best Practices for use at home."

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