1. Open course (or create one first if you don’t have any yet)

2. Open external tool providers menu in course options

3. Add new external provider and fill in the form (info

token: schoology@mosamack.com
secret: 99b15c8d337dcbdee0f3e3b84f0dbca2974ace134aef0bb103d2f5d86b4f17c104182ba862eeff4bfeec8b9106c4dd08e69c98b27e26de2ff6f0075daa762d23

url: https://schoology.mosamack.com/users/lti_sessions

privacy: “Send name and email” (this is a mandatory part for the integration to work)

4. (this steps shows how the new integration should look, no actions here)

5. Go to your course again (same as step 1)

6. Create an external tool

7. Select provider Tool Provider created in step 3, leave the rest as is.

8. (this screen how resulting External Tool should look)

9. Clicking your external tool would open Mosa Mack in a frame.

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