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Using Mosa Mack on Canvas
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Install Mosa Mack as an App in Canvas

  1. Log into Canvas and click on "Courses." Select "Settings," then "Apps." In the search bar, write "Mosa Mack" and click on the logo.

2. Click "Add App."

3. You will be asked for a consumer key and shared secret. You can access your consumer key and shared secret here: (Note: you must be logged into Mosa Mack to see this page)

Enter the information and click "Add App"

You have successfully installed Mosa Mack Science into Canvas!

Create an Assignment in Canvas

  1. Select "Assignments." Fill in the name and description (optional) and then scroll down to "Submission Type." Select "External Tool" and then Find.

2. Click on "Mosa Mack- Your Next Generation Science Solution." Press "Select"

3. By default, this will take your students to their Mosa Mack library. If you'd like them to be directed to a specific lesson, open Mosa Mack in a separate window. Locate the Canvas icon and right click. Select "Copy link" and pate it into "An External Tool or URL." Press "Save"

4. You see a green check mark next to the new Mosa Mack assignment.

5. Click on Mosa Mack and your students will be taken to their assignment!

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