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Archive/Unarchive Student or Student Work
Archive/Unarchive Student or Student Work
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To archive your student or students' work, go to 'My Classrooms'. Select on the student/class you are currently working on and click 'Student Work'

To clear/delete past student work for a single student, click here.

Select the student/unit you want to archive by clicking the 'Archive' icon. To select a student, click the 'Student List' view. To select a unit, click the 'Unit Score' view.

A notification will ask for your confirmation to archive your students' work, then click OK.

To View Archived Work, click 'Grade New Work' and select 'View Archived Work'

If you need to Unarchive Student Work, click the 'Unarchive' icon beside the trash bin and it will be moved back to your Student Work page.

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