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Connecting your Moss account to Exact Online will allow you to automatically import your GL accounts, Suppliers, VAT rates and Cost centers; and easily export your card transactions from Moss to Exact Online in just a couple of clicks. This article explains how you set this connection up.

Everything you will need to do in order to set up your accounting connection and chart of accounts in Moss is found under the Accounting page. From there, you will both be able to connect your Moss account to Exact Online and sync your accounting attributes.

For an optimal set-up and connection, you first need to create a number of accounts in your Exact Online. If you haven't done it yet, please follow this article: Setting up Exact Online.

Establishing the connection

Using the left navigation panel, go to Accounting > Accounting Integration > Get started > Select Exact Online NL and click Connect.

This will redirect you to Exact Online, where you will have to enter your login credentials first. Once authenticated, you will be requested to grant Moss permissions to connect to your Exact Online account. Make sure to mark the two checkboxes at the bottom and click Allow.

After completing this operation, you will be redirected back to the Moss platform. If the connection was successful, you will see that your Moss account is now connected to Exact Online:

Importing your accounting attributes

Once you have successfully connected Moss to Exact Online, you are ready to start importing your accounting attributes: Expense accounts, Suppliers, VAT rates, Cost Centers and Cost Carriers. It is important not to skip this step, as it will allow you to assign these attributes to any spend you do with Moss.

To do so, click Sync now. If the import is successful, you will see that your Exact Online accounting dimensions have been imported into Moss.

If you have a large amount of suppliers in Exact Online, the import of accounting attributes could potentially fail. To work around this, use the individual Sync now button to import one attribute at the time.

If for some reason there are accounts you don’t want visible in Moss, you can choose to either inactivate them in Moss or fully delete. Note: This will have no impact on the accounts in Exact Online, but only which accounts you are able to view and assign to spend in the Moss app.

The final touches

To finalize the accounting set-up, go back to Accounting Integration and use the codes of the bank journal, purchase journal, Moss default supplier and Moss top-up supplier previously created in Exact Online to complete the accounting set-up:

Fantastic! You’re now ready to start assigning booking accounts to your spending.

See the next article: 3. Exporting your Moss transactions to Exact Online

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