General information

Once you have connected Moss to Exact Online and completed the accounting set-up, you are almost ready to start exporting your to transactions and invoices to Exact Online.

If you haven't set-up and connected your Moss account to Exact Online, please read the following articles: 1. Setting up Exact Online and 2. Connecting Moss to Exact Online.

Preparing transactions

You will find all unexported transactions under Cards > Export > Unexported. Here, you can make sure to assign all relevant accounting attributes to your transactions.

To more easily identify what information is needed for each transaction, you can filter on receipts missing, expense accounts missing, among others.

When your transactions contain all of the necessary information, you can mark them as ready to be exported by clicking "Move to export queue". This action will move your transactions to the "Export Queue" tab. From here on, only users with admin or an accountant permissions will be able to modify the transactions.

Exporting transactions to Exact Online

To export your transactions to Exact Online, you will have to select them in the "Export Queue". Once selected, a floating banner will appear: click "Export" and make sure that Exact Online is selected.

Finally click the new "Export" button to initiate the file transfer. If everything goes well, a message will appear confirming that your transactions were successfully sent to Exact Online.

Once exported, your transactions will be moved to the “Exported” tab in Moss. You will also notice that they are locked and uneditable by any users of Moss.

If needed, you are still able to download separate files of exported transactions, in any of the file formats available. Simply do so by marking which transactions you want to download, and click “Download” in the floating banner that should pop up in the lower part of your screen.

See the next article: 4. Managing exported transactions in Exact Online

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