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After exporting your transactions to Exact online, you will see that for every card transaction, there is an outstanding item (purchase entry) and a payment. Below we will show you how to match them.

Matching card transactions

If you go to “Purchase” > “Outstanding Items” > “Overview”, as the screenshot shows below, you will see an overview of all your outstanding items across your different suppliers. Click the outstanding balance of a supplier to see all purchase entries for the Default Moss Supplier.

If you later click on the “Match” button, you will get to see all of the outstanding items for this supplier, together with the payments that are booked towards your Moss bank account.

From here, you can either let Exact Online automatically match your outstanding items with the payments, or match them manually one by one, depending on your preference.

When automatically matching, Exact Online tries to match the outstanding items on a number of variables, such as invoice number, transaction date and amount.

Attaching your receipts in Exact Online

When exporting your files via API to Exact Online, the corresponding receipts are now also included as part of the export.

If you prefer to upload the corresponding receipts to your transactions manually, follow these steps:

Step-by-step guide on attaching receipts:

  • Go the Moss supplier account, which can be done multiple ways.

    • Either search for supplier name, or

    • Go to Accounts> Supplier> Overview and click on the supplier, or

    • Go to purchase> Outstanding items> overview click on the name of the supplier

  • When you are in the supplier account click on transactions. Here you will see all exported transactions you need to upload receipts for.

  • Click on the entry number for the transaction you want to add the PDF.

  • Click on Edit

  • Now add the pdf

    • Drag it on the field designated for this

    • Click on the attachment field and search the file

  • Click on save

  • Click on close

  • Click on close

  • Select the next entry and repeat the steps till all are done.

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