By default, Customers provide all needed cleaning products and equipment, but for a $10 add-on fee our Professional House Cleaners can provide the cleaning products (multi-purpose cleaner, etc.)  For deep cleaning the add-on fee is $15.

Customers are always required to provide the cleaning equipment.

Customers have most of the cleaning products and equipment needed on hand in their homes and anything outside of the norm can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart or Amazon.  

The lists below outline what's needed:

Cleaning Product Checklist


Degreaser (Walmart)
Stainless Steel Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Ceramic Cook Top Cleaner (Amazon) (Canadian Tire)
Oven Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)


Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Heavy Duty Bathroom Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Soap Scum Remover (Amazon) (Walmart)


Glass Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Floor Cleaner (Amazon) (Walmart)
Special cleaners for your custom surfaces

Cleaning Equipment Checklist

Vacuum (Amazon) (Walmart)
Mop & bucket with wringer (Amazon) (Walmart)
toilet brush (Walmart)
Magic erasers (Amazon) (Walmart)
Extendable Swiffer duster (Amazon) (Walmart)
Swiffer duster refills (Amazon) (Walmart)
Microfibre Cleaning cloths X 40 (Amazon) (Walmart)
Stepping stool (Amazon) (Walmart)
Garbage bags (Amazon) (Walmart)
Scraper (Amazon) (Walmart)
Cleaning brushes (Amazon) (Walmart

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