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What is a peened grab bar?

Not sure what a peened grab bar is? Learn more here.

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This bathroom rail features an anti-slip surface and is well suited for individuals with limited strength and function in the upper extremities. The Gator Grip Grab Bar seen below simulates the peened effect but takes it a step further.

During the fabrication of grab bars, the peening process often consists of sand-blasting or shot-blasting a large portion of the surface of the stainless steel tubing. 

This operation significantly enhances the gripping surface of the grab bar by increasing friction and reducing slippage. It is ideal for wet and soapy shower environments and has made the peened grab bar a long-standing favorite. Mr. Grab Bar now introduces our Ultra-Peened Gator Grip Grab Bar, which simulates the peened effect but provides an even more pronounced texture.

The Ultra-Peened Gator grip Grab Bar is now available from Mr. Grab Bar

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