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What lengths are grab bars are available in?
What lengths are grab bars are available in?

Learn more about grab bar sizes and dimensions.

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Bathroom grab bars are typically available in various lengths.

The sizes range from 12 inches to 48" inches. However, some manufacturers offer a range from 9 inches to 60 inches.  In addition to being offered in different lengths, grab bars are also available in diameters of both 1-1/4" and 1-1/2".

The most common grab bar lengths that are usually offered by most manufacturers are listed below. These lengths are the nominal sizes and actually refer to the distance from the center of one grab bar flange to the center of the flange on the grab bar's opposite side. The true length of these grab bar sizes listed below would be in actuality 3" longer to accommodate for the circular flanges on each end.

  • 12"   (actual length 15")

  • 16"   (actual length 19")

  • 18"   (actual length 21")

  • 24"  (actual length 27")    

  • 32"  (actual length 35")  

  • 36"  (actual length 39"

  • 42"  (actual length 45")

  • 48"  (actual length 51")

Some of the  grab bar collections we offer are available in all of the above lengths, where as other collections may only offer the safety bars in a few select sizes.

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