Many of the bathroom safety bars which are available come pre-packaged with screws. Our preference is to use our own range of fasteners when installing to accommodate the wide range of frequently encountered scenarios during the installation process. 

Experienced Grab Bar Installers keep a wide assortment of  fasteners on hand

In some cases, a shorter screw is required due to obstacles be encountered within the wall, and in other cases, a much longer screw is required when anchoring into a substrate that is a distance away from the surface of the drywall.

Many grab bar specialists prefer to have available #12 stainless steel sheet metal screws in assorted lengths instead of the thinner diameter #10 screws provided by the manufacturer. The larger diameter screw has more frictional holding power and is much less likely to strip out when using a powered screwdriver.

When machine screws are required, many seasoned installers have available either 10-24 or 1/4-20 stainless machine screws in various lengths to work with toggling anchors when appropriate.

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